Hi. We’re Kaug, the kitchen scientists.
We believe we can do more with less.
Less waste. Less time. Less cost.

More cooking and experimentation and less single-use product clutter.

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LidAdapt is a reusable lid
that transforms your mason jar into a culinary system for
food prep, storage and serving.



Pair LidAdapt with a stopper and pump to vacuum seal for faster food prep and longer food storage.

Great for infusions, marinades and quick pickling!



LidAdapt works with fermentation airlocks for tasty sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha!


Serving and

Use LidAdapt by itself, or mix it up with your favorite pour spouts and aerators.

Dishwasher Safe

Easy to clean

No Electricity

Simple, convenient


Durable stainless steel that’s built to last

BPA Free

BPA free silicone

Better cooking.
Better for you.

LidAdapt pairs with glass mason jars to create a culinary system that’s better for you. Our system is BPA free and does not stain, absorb or alter flavors. And, vacuum sealing with LidAdapt gives you faster, tastier flavors with longer food storage.

The System

We built a flexible ecosystem that works with things you already have. Our modular design is compatible with a variety of mason jars and accessories for you to scale and customize your system.

From craft cocktail infusions, to quick marinades or storing your family secret BBQ spice rub, get ready to cook, experiment and enjoy!

We are so excited to launch LidAdapt soon.

Our goal is to inspire and enable a more sustainable and adaptable community through our love of cooking, experimentation and design. We can do more with less.

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