Specialty Kit - Medium Stash

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For a better storage system, vacuum seal with LidAdapt and an amber jar that blocks 99% UV light!  Excellent for storing dried herbs, spice blends, coffee/tea and DIY beauty.

Our mighty lid reinvents how you prep, store and serve.  With LidAdapt you can repurpose mason jars and accessories to create custom specialty and culinary systems for tons of recipes! Use LidAdapt to vacuum seal, store, infuse, marinate, ferment and pour.

  • Infinite configurations. Easily add-on, scale and customize your system.
  • Better for you, better for our planet. Made from stainless steel & BPA-free silicon, LidAdapt is reusable, built to last and requires no electricity.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • LidAdapt 2.0 fits wide mouth mason jars and measures 3.38" (86mm) wide
  • Model: SKIT0002-1

Kit includes:

  • LidAdapt 2.0 (for wide mouth mason jar)
  • 32 oz wide mouth amber mason jar & band
  • Funnel
  • Vacu Vin®  pump and gray stopper